FindYourFiles! is a perfect solution
for all those who don't want to waste their time and money
searching for lost documents and making
several copies of the same document.
A better organised work. Thanks FindYourFiles!, in a simple way, important documents may be scanned and made available in an electronic form to authorised employees. Think about saving the time dedicated to sorting and transferring documents. Additionally, your document archive will be safe owing to automatic backup process.

The application will enable you to easily design a document base and map the actual arrangement of documents in a company onto FindYourFiles!.
You're searching for a receipt necessary to make a complaint, an invoice to settle with the company that sold something to you, or perhaps you have boxes full of user manuals? You don't have to make the effort of searching through all the cabinets. You can easily find even the smallest receipt from a shop.

Save your child's works and drawings. Keep them as a souvenir and recall years later. In the case of older children, catalogue all the school materials: binders, copy books, loose pages with notes, photocopies that are easily lost.
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