You will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions here.

How can I buy the FindYourFiles! license?

Just enter the Buy. section, give your details and select the payment method. Simple as FindYourFiles!



How to install the program?

After downloading the program from Try it section, launch the installation file and follow the instuctions of the installer.



Will FindYourFiles! work on my computer?

FindYourFiles! works efficiently on all newer computers. Its minimum requirements are:

• 1 GB RAM
• Procesor 1 GHz
• Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10

We inform, that FindYourFiles! works properly on 32 and 64-bit operation systems.

One will also need a scanner to make use of all functions of the program.



Can a single FindYourFiles! license be used by more than one person?

FindYourFiles! comes in two versions: the single workstation version and the network version. The network version allows several people to work simultaneously (their number depends on the kind of license purchased).



Where can the updates be downloaded?

All information and new versions of the program are available here: Try it.



Where can I make suggestions concerning the program?

The creators of FindYourFiles would be very grateful for any suggestions concerning the functioning of the program. Please send your opinions to the following address: Suggestions



I formatted my hard disk and forgot my access key. Do I have to purchase the license once again?

No, just contact us under the following address: Technical problems.



My access key does not work, what is wrong?

There are several possibilities:
• the access key was used more than once during a month,
• an unauthorised person used our access key,
• the access key was written incorrectly in the register field.



All problems should be reported to Technical problems



Technical Specifications

Operation systems:
• FindYourFiles! works properly on 32 and 64-bit operation systems - Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10

• FindYourFiles! works with database server Firebird version 2.1

Minimum requirements :
• Minimum 1 GB RAM
• Procesor 1 GHz

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